Ever pulled your fingers through the leaves of Rosemary and reached to your nose to smell the magnificent fragrance of this hardy shrub. It so often overlooked but it can be found in so many places. We have found much of it in the downtown Durham area where we live. This hardy shrub is easy to grow and can become rather large if allowed to grow. This plant ally is an aromatic and a great tonic for the brain. It helps with memory recall and can be prepared in so many different ways. I like to incorporate Rosemary into my cooking for the flavor. This plant could benefit those with an upcoming test or those desiring to memory recall as this herb has been known to improve memory. There are so many ways to prepare so you can find the best way for you. Thanks for joining me to learn about a bit about Rosemary.


Scientific Name (Latin name): Salvia rosmarinus (formerly Rosmarinus Officinalis until 2017)

Parts used: leaves

Rosemary is a powerful herb native of the Mediterrean. It has a strong distinctive aromatic fragrant leaves and has a sweet, resinous flavor. Known for both culinary and medical properties, it has been used for centuries. It is commonly seen as decorative bush around holiday season or in landscaping. Rosemary is a Perennial evergreen and member of mint or Lamiaceae family.

Nutrient contents: B complex vitamins, vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, luteolin

Actions and uses:

Fights free radicals, inflammation(COX-2 enzyme), bacteria, and fungi. Relaxes the stomach, stimulates circulation and digestion, and acts as an astringent and decongestant. Improves circulation to the brain. Also helps detoxify the liver, and has anticancer and anti-tumor properties. Good for headaches, high and low blood pressure, circulatory problems, and menstrual cramps. Can be used as an antiseptic gargle.


caution: Should not be used during pregnancy.

Preparations: Tea,salve,tinctures,cocktails,essential oil,linaments,

Infused vinegar, oil, foot baths, wine or liquor

can be added to all kinds of food dishes.

Making herbal preparation are so easy. Here are few to try.

Rosemary oil for your hair/scalp- place some fresh rosemary in a glass jar. Pour olive or joboa oil over the plant material in the jar. Place top on the jar and place in cook dark place for 2-4 weeks. Strain off the plant material and its ready for use.

Rosemary infusion (Tea)- Bring water to boiling and fresh or dried rosemary. Steep to your desired strength.

(Use this infusion as a hair rinse. after cooling to room temperature, pour over freshly washed hair. Do not rinse out.)

Neat Trick:

Taking a test- Cut a spring and place in your hair while taking test to help with memory and recall.


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